Africa Development Promise

Africa Development Promise, believes that collective action and enterprise are proven pathways for empowering rural women achieve their economic goals. With programs in Rwanda and Uganda, we begin with agriculture because it is a way of life in Eastern Africa, and over 70 percent of the rural women rely on subsistence farming for food security and employment. Africa Development Promise moves women from food for subsistence to food for business using the cooperative model of enterprise. We deliver programs that strengthen cooperative management, governance, efficiency and sustainability, while also building strong technical skills.  We also provide much needed farm infrastructure support such as greenhouses, irrigation systems and tools that relieve drudgery, improve efficiency, and productivity. Through the cooperatives women not only build their business know-how and technical capacity, but they also earn a sustainable income and build their savings through cooperative savings and loans associations.

Frugal Innovation Hub


The Frugal Innovation Hub's (FIH) mission is to engage students and faculty in technological and humanitarian projects through partnerships and programs. The FIH acts as a liaison between engineering students, faculty members and organizations (our clients) to solve together humanitarian problems. We also act as a facilitator between the students and their clients to ensure the consolidating of projects and the appropriate technology for the deliverables.

IEEE Empower A Billion Lives

The IEEE Empower A Billion Lives competition is a $1 million global challenge to create energy access solutions that can scale to one billion people living in extreme energy poverty. The goal of the IEEE Empower a Billion Lives competition is to enable the creation of holistic and financially sustainable solutions for energy access that can rapidly scale to one billion people living in energy poverty.

The competition is agnostic to energy sources, technologies, business models, and will primarily evaluate potential impact and ability to rapidly and sustainably scale the solutions to one billion



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Today, two billion people around the world do not have access to banking. Humaniq aims to increase financial inclusion worldwide by providing new financial services to the unbanked based on Blockchain technology and biometric identification systems. With this new mobile digital economy, we will help people who are excluded from the financial system break free from poverty and improve their lives, and emerging economies shift into the cryptoeconomy.

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IEEE Smart Village

Access to electricity creates opportunity and improves lives in remote communities around the world. The IEEE Smart Village global network brings together local entrepreneurs, experienced engineers, expert educators, and passionate volunteers to seed-fund, launch, sustain, and develop clean energy and advanced education systems that serve their community’s needs. Light bulbs are just the beginning, because we’re about more than just power.  We engage with our partners to foster the long-term mentorship, support, and continual shared learning that helps these community start-ups thrive. By working locally and connecting globally, the collective IEEE Smart Village family strives to make a lasting impact in villages across Cameroon, Haiti, India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Zambia. We bring the basic electrical services and transformational educational opportunities that support community well-being – from schools to clinics to businesses – to more than 50 million people by 2025. Together, we’re lighting up homes, businesses, and global classrooms – and empowering local economies.”